A New Year, a new start? A few days ago I commented on Facebook that it is odd sensation when it comes to December 31st. Any other last day of month is treated as normal, nothing special. You might get paid the last day or the first day of the month. You might have work the next day, or you might not. However when it comes to December 31st it changes as it feels like a sense to start new, a reboot.
Yet, perhaps we do need this psycological sensation to get us going. Make changes in our lives. For this 2014/2015 Christmas/New Year Holiday, With the office being closed more often, plus an extra day of vacation, It felt like this year it was definitly a chance a renewal.
Now granted, this is not me making resolutions. I see it more of a renewal/restart on things. A recovery from the past few months. To get myself situated again and begin fresh. Though how do I use this mometum to continue for the rest of the year? That is where focus is needed. Granted not off to a good start, since I should be working on the checkbook instead of typing this. Still onwards and forwards.
One part of this renewal I am going to focus on is trying to get more writing in. Part of that will be dependent on me scheduling how to spend my time. Perhaps by creating a schedule it is a resolution. No matter what it is called this past holiday break has been good time to start anew. It is a question of can I turn this into a momentum towards new things? We will just need to turn the page and find out.
Here is to you having a good 2015.
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