Onto The Undiscovered Country

Where to begin? It is not groundbreaking or life changing. This begins the first entry of an experiment. I do not have a detailed plan on what I will do with this Blog or not. The only goal I have with this is to add an entry on Mondays and do at least two a month.

What will come out of this blog? It could be anything at this time. It might be memories of times past, possible short stories, comments on issues, or just random ramblings. Because social media has changed a lot since the first blogs were created. The rise in social media has changed how we interact and how we digest information. What I can see is that this could be the central hub of my accounts. The other social media platforms I used (Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, etc.) probably will branch off from here.

This Blog should be longer richer content. It could also be longer boring content depending on your viewpoint. It should be more substance than the other platforms. The other platforms will contain my brief thoughts or comments, throughout the day.

Whatever happens with this experiment  I hope that you do enjoy what I post here. It might give you a distraction. The other aspect is this site is still being worked on, so it is not 100% in its final form either. We will see what unfolds during the course of this year and how long it will continue. So until the next post, enjoy the start of this New Year.
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